Mater Dei Catholic High School, San Diego, California

Mater Dei Catholic High School is a co-educational, Catholic day school located in San Diego, California. Mater Dei Catholic was founded in 1960 and currently serves students in grades 9-12. The school offers an extensive curriculum designed to prepare all students for further education. The high school attempts to foster an environment that stresses academic, social and spiritual growth. The population continues to stay at about 80 percent Latin American population. Mater Dei Catholic enrolls approximately 735 students in grades 9-12 with approximately 15 international students attending each academic year.

The Sagemont School, Weston, Florida

The Sagemont School is an independent co-educational school located in Weston, Florida. The school’s mission is to provide a nurturing and stimulating learning environment that will inspire each student to think critically, reach his or her maximum potential, and grow into a valuable citizen of our global community. Leaders are what The Sagemont School produces: well-educated and well-rounded individuals destined for success in college and in life. The Sagemont School enrolls approximately about 260 students each year, with 25 students from countries outside of the United States.

Marquette High School, Michigan City, Indiana

Marquette High School is a Catholic, co-educational, day school located in Michigan City, Indiana. The high school was founded in 1886 and is the oldest high school in Northern Indiana. Marquette’s goal is to instill faith, morality, respect and academic excellence in all students. The school encourages students to be lifelong learners and to meet the challenges of a multi-cultural society. Students are required to enroll in one religion class each semester. Marquette enrolls 325 students each year with approximately 15 students being from countries outside of the USA.

The Orme School, Orme, Arizona

The Orme School is an Independent, co-educational boarding school located in Orme, Arizona. The Orme School is a unique community of teachers and students who share a passion for academic excellence, adventure and personal challenge. The Orme School develops sound character, intellectual growth and curiosity and an appreciation of our diverse cultural heritage and natural environment. The Orme School enrolls approximately 125 students each year with approximately 40 of these from countries other than the United States.

Xavier High School, Appleton, Wisconsin

Xavier High School is a Catholic, co-educational, day school located in Appleton, Wisconsin. Xavier sees the formation of young men and women as an opportunity to prepare them for future success in college and in their chosen vocations. Enlivened by the spirit of freedom, ethics, and traditional values, Xavier provides each student with a multi-cultural value and appreciation for the world’s diverse society. Xavier enrolls 500 students each year with approximately 25 being from countries other than the US.