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Academic Year Program (AYP)

The NK All Year Programs (AYP10) and Semester Programs (AYP5) are designed to provide your students with an intensive American cultural and academic experience in a family environment. We place your AYP students in all areas of the United States. The United States offers a great deal of diversity therefore providing your students with the types of experiences they are looking for.

Public High School Program with F-1 Visa

Whether you like the beach, the mountains or the big city; whether you want surfing, skiing or metropolitan pulse we will help you find what you need. The F-1 Public High School Program is all about allowing students freedom of choice with geographical location, academic situation and spare time activities.

Public High School List with F-1 Visa

Our Public High Schools List for the school year 2014-2015

Pre-AYP English Camp Program

The goals of this program are to learn English better and adjust to American life before attending the AYP program. NK provide seven location from which the student can choose. The program includes daily ESL lessons ans homestays of three to six weeks.