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Private High School Program

Private school in the United States offer excellent educational opportunities for American and international students alike. Some of the finest high school level, educational institutions are working with NK on this program, with elite boarding and day schools reviewing applications of our students each year. Every student can be guaranteed a PHP experience complete with the love and attention all students deserve.

The MacDuffie School Enrollment and Scholarship

The MacDuffie School is a rigorous college preparatory school whose mission is to foster in all students the intellectual habits of mind, high ethical standards and respect for diversity required for becoming morally responsible and effective individuals in their personal lives, careers in their communities and beyond.

Private Hish School List

Our Private High Schools List for the school year 2014-2015

Lee Academy

At Lee Academy, we foster individual excellence and personal growth through the acquisition of skills and knowledge. Working together, we promote kinship, respect and success throughout the school community.